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By Peter Elton DMD, PLLC
March 29, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you heard a bit about crowns and bridges, but feel uninformed on the details? Well, simply put, a dental crown replaces weak tooth restorative dentistrystructure above the gums. Fixed bridgework replaces one or more teeth lost to injury, decay or abscess. Both restorations strengthen your smile and keep it attractive. That's why your dentists in Gig Harbor, WA Dr. Peter Elton and Dr. Douglas Clarke, offer them at Cedarbrook Dental. They want you to have the healthiest and best-looking teeth and gums possible.

Reasons for a dental crown

It's been around a long time, says the American Dental Association--actually, more than 100 years. However, today's dental crown is incredibly strong, custom-crafted according to oral impressions from lifelike dental-grade porcelain.

What does a dental crown do? It provides an alternative to extraction. Extensive decay, abscess (infection), multiple restorations or oral trauma may weaken a tooth to the point where it cannot survive without intervention. In fact, a patient may consider just "pulling it" and starting fresh.

In some cases, extraction is best. However, many times your Gig Harbor dentist can avoid it and the resulting:

  • Smile gap
  • Weakened and drifting adjoining teeth
  • Compromised speech, appearance chewing and biting

When you come to Cedarbrook Dental, Dr. Elton or Dr. Clarke will examine your tooth and take X-rays and impressions. If your tooth is viable, he'll remove the damaged portions and shape it to receive a crown. He'll place a temporary crown to support your tooth as you wait for the new restoration.

At the dental lab, a highly trained technician uses your dentist's instructions to craft your crown to match your bite and tooth color perfectly. Modern dental labs use durable and realistic porcelain which is not simply tooth-colored. Rather, its coloration closely mimics what Nature gives our smiles, varying the hue to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Additionally, a dental crown can cover a tooth restored by endodontics, or root canal therapy. Your Gig Harbor dentist places crowns to restore dental implants, too.

Reasons to consider a bridge

Say you've lost one or more teeth in a row. You need to span that gap with replacement teeth, and that's what fixed bridgework is.

Constructed according to X-ray imaging and oral impressions, your bridgework will have pontic, or artificial teeth, supported in one of two ways:

  1. By dental crowns attached to neighboring teeth on opposite ends of the replacement bridge
  2. By dental implants affixed to the jaw bone

Either method fills the unsightly and embarrassing empty space and also normalizes oral function and speech. With an implant-supported bridge, patients have an additional advantage. Dental implants are rock-solid secure, and they improve the underlying gums and jaw bone, preventing a detrimental recession.

What's your need?

Whether it's a single crown, a three-tooth bridge or something else, the skilled team at Cedarbrook Dental can help. Don't delay, call the office team today for a personal consultation with Dr. Elton or Dr. Clarke: (253) 851-1190.